Organisers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Jump Time is an online booking and payment platform tailored specifically for the equine industry and covers numerous activities from competitions, clinics to arena hire. Whether you’re an event organiser or a rider Jump Time can save you time, money and effort through its comprehensive and easy to use service.

For Event organisers there is no charge for using Jump Time to host your events, this includes no banking charges.

For riders there is a small booking fee on each transaction to cover the credit card transactions, we use the Irish company Strip to process payments. Stripe has been specially chosen due to its security and ease of use. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of security certification. A €2 service charge will be placed on your basket at checkout, this is a flat fee regardless of the number of events you have entered.

Yes, Jump Time is fully compatible and responsive on desktop, mobile and tablet.

Ø You will be using the only Irish equine specific booking platform

Ø We can build any type of competition or event bespoke to your requirements

Ø A secure booking and payment facility

Ø We will market your event across numerous digital platforms to ensure you get maximum entries

You will be doing your piece in terms of Covid 19 compliance and reduce the interaction and handling of cash/cards on the day

No, we are GDRP compliant and will not share any of your personal data with any third parties.

Yes of course, simply go into the Profile tab and click on My Profile.

Yes you can! You must use two different usernames.  Emails can be duplicated and usernames are required to be unique.

All you need is name, address and email address and you’re ready to start loading up events!

Registering takes just a couple of minutes and then you can begin posting events straight away.

Once you are registered the following are the steps to get a show or lesson live:

1. Click ‘Add an Event’ at the top of the page

2. Add – Event Name; Address; date and select an ‘Event type’ from the drop down menu of – Competition, Lesson or Arena Hire

3. At this stage you can add your logo, change currency or add documents/schedules/rules and more details if desired but this is not necessary

4. Now we start to build you show – simply click ‘add class’ and fill in the following using the easy to navigate drop down menu where applicable:

a. ‘Category’ e.g. Showjumping

b. Arena Name

c. Class e.g. 90cm

d. Booking closing date e.g. 5pm the day before the event

e. Create Price for that class

f. You have the option to add class specific documents e.g. course plan/ dressage test etc

5. Continue to ‘Add Classes’ until you have completed your event

6. NB  - click ‘Save Event’

7. Your Event will be saved in your Profile under ‘My Events History’ where you can continue to edit if you wish.

To post your event live to take bookings simply go to ‘My Events History’ select the edit icon beside your event and hit ‘Go Live with Event’ and it is done!

Don’t like computers? don’t worry, we will do it all for you! Simply phone, text or write your schedule and we will post it up for you and take care of everything. You can do this by phone +353867753876 or email:

If Competition Time slots is picked - Jump Time will generate time slots that the competitor can ‘buy’ they will receive an email confirming their class and time booked meaning no administration work on the behalf of the event organiser. You the organiser must fix in advance the start and end time of each class and the desired time interval between riders.

If Competition Drawn Order is picked - Once all entries are received and payed for, you the event organiser can set times for each class and if you wish, contact riders with specific times.

Yes; you can check bookings at any stage, simply go to your Profile and click on ‘My Live Events’; click the ‘view bookings’ link beside your event.

Go to your Profile and click on ‘My Live Events’; click the ‘view bookings’ link beside your event. And at the bottom of the page there is an option to ‘Print’ or ‘Download a CSV’ file.

Jump Time will transfer funds to you bank account within 5-10 working days post event. Alternatively, if you have a Strip account, the funds can be sent directly to you and take approx. 7 days to reach your account.

All refunds are at the discretion of the organiser. Riders should check an organiser’s refund and event cancellation policy.

Riders must request refunds directly from you the organiser. All disputes regarding refunds are between the organiser and the rider (buyer). Jump Time are not responsible or liable in any way for refunds. Jump Time will issue refunds on the behalf of the organisers to individual’s accounts when asked to do so in writing by the organiser.  Jump Time's booking fee will be deducted from the amount before the refund.

For you the event organiser, the easiest thing to do is tell them to contact the team at Jump Time and we will have them sorted in no time.

A customer’s card could be declined for a number of reasons. If a rider calls you directly with this problem ask them to check the following information:

–          Have they input the expiry date correctly?

–          Has the card expired?

–          Does the billing address they’ve entered online match the details held by their card


–          Do they have sufficient funds on their card to complete the transaction?


If none of the above help to resolve the situation the rider must contact their bank and/or card provider. They will know the reason why the charge is being declined.

  • Online Dressage
  • Horse riding clinics
  • Horse riding coach
  • 3 Day event competitions
  • Eventing competitions
  • Combined training
  • Unregistered Showjumping
  • Arena Hire
  • Riding lessons
  • Lesson booking
  • Advertise equestrian facilities
  • Advertise competitions
  • Advertise horse events
  • Hunter trial
  • Riding club competitions
  • Riding Club events
  • Riding Club
  • Riding Schools
  • Riding school lesson